A thank you


In this post I want to thank Julia, a co-worker and professor.  She unknowingly helped propel me to my future path.

Julia graciously let me audit her grant writing course last semester. The first assignment was to write a grant narrative for a theoretical personal grant of $50,000. It had to be used to fund your dream career. I wrote about travel. I outlined exactly how I’d become a travel writer & photographer. I created a budget, the steps I’d take, and all of my qualifications for the job. I spent hours perfecting my narrative. It filled me with such joy that it didn’t feel like work.

I turned in this assignment a few weeks before I flew to India to visit my sister. Once I went off on my own and started traveling solo, I had a number of breakthroughs. I came back to the states knowing I couldn’t just sit around waiting for another job in a different museum.

That wasn’t what I wanted in life. I wanted a life where I had the flexibility and freedom to work anywhere in the world. So how was I going to do that? I needed to take action.

Fast forward 7 months. Today I’m embarking the journey towards my dream. I’m leaving my job  in pursuit of a life as a digital nomad.

And I have to thank Julia for that.

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  1. We wish you every success! How wonderful to be able to pursue your dream job and be VERY prepared for it!

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