An International Adventuress

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Meet Sam. Sam is an International Adventuress who LOVES to travel. A professional photographer, published author, and travel enthusiast she finally decided to branch into travel photography after daydreaming about leaving her 9-5 job for years.

Sam has been traveling since age 2 (props to her awesome parents who bravely took their 2 year old on a plane to France). After that, international experiences were always a part of her life. Her parents hired a French Au Pair during elementary school, the family routinely traveled abroad, she spent a summer studying in Ireland during high school, and lived in Florence her junior year of college. Now she travels frequently.
Sam’s wanderlust has been further encouraged by her family living all around the world. Her cousins grew up in Australia, her Aunt and Uncle still live in Australia, and her younger sister now lives in Chandigarh, India. It is a rare occurrence when the entire family is in the same location. When they do manage to gather together, the family swaps “war stories” – the parents’ adventures through Europe for a month while her mom was pregnant with her, how the monks out drank her cousin and left him to sleep it off outside the monastery gates in “vampire territory” (Transylvania), how her sister’s favorite restaurant in Prague that had pet pumas, or that she had to find my way through Paris during the student riots. No matter the stories, the night always ends the same – they watch Uncle Allen’s old films.

Uncle Allen was Sam’s great uncle on her father’s side. He was considered eccentric by his neighbors, who didn’t appreciate him walking his pet Jaguar down the street. The family has film footage from his travels – a train ride through South America, an African Safari, a visit to a pygmy tribe, street scenes of Kabul, and middle-eastern ruins that have likely been destroyed.

Sam has always wanted to recreate Uncle Allen’s journeys and experience them for herself. By taking a leap of faith and becoming a travel photographer, she is creating her own adventures.

Enjoy the ride!